Why Your Chevy S-10 Blazer Is Throwing A P1870 Repair Code And How To Fix It


If you own a late-1990s era Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, then you can expect at some point the check engine light will come on from a P1870 repair code. When you look up this code you will discover it is caused by "transmission component slippage". Thankfully, there is one common cause for this code and a fix that doesn't require a complete rebuild or replacement of your rig's transmission. The GM 4L60E Transmission and Its Defective Clutch Piston

29 May 2018

Changing Out Your Winter Treads For Fair Weather Treads


With winter finally coming to an end, it's time to start thinking about the tires that you'll be replacing the winter treads with and what you'll be doing with the winter tires for the next several months. Here, you'll learn a few tips to help you with both. Order Tires Online There's no need to head out to the store to look through the piles of tires sitting around. Instead, head to your computer and start shopping online.

18 March 2018

Upgrade Your Vehicle's Fluids To Protect The Environment And Your Engine


The next time that you need a coolant or oil change, you should consider spending a few more bucks to upgrade these essential fluids for your vehicle. Newer formulations of coolant provide greater protection and heat transfer that conventional coolants, as well as environmental and safety benefits. Synthetic motor oils allow a longer interval between oil changes while providing superior protection for your engine, producing environmental benefits, better engine performance, and future savings in auto repair.

27 February 2018

The Disadvantages Of Repairing A Cracked Windshield Yourself


Flying rocks and road debris that collide with your BMW's windshield can leave cracks and chips behind. If you are a person who enjoys fixing things yourself or you are trying to save a little bit of money, you may be thinking about repairing the crack windshield yourself with a home repair kit that can be purchased at an automotive repair store. But before you head out and pay for a kit, take the time to learn what the disadvantages are to repairing a cracked windshield yourself.

6 December 2017

Tips For Handling Replacing Your Car's Windshield


When a car's windshield suffers fairly extensive damage, the only way to prevent this issue from creating potentially hazardous conditions for anyone in the car will be to replace the compromised section of glass. Speak With Your Insurance Prior To Arranging For Your Windshield To Be Replaced If you have recently discovered that your car's windshield is damaged, you should speak with your insurance provider prior to contacting a repair service.

7 November 2017

How You Can Replace the DISA Adjuster Valve on Your BMW's Air Intake Manifold


A couple of signs that the DISA adjuster valve for the intake manifold on your BMW is going bad are that the car will start to idle poorly and you'll start to hear rattling sounds coming from the intake manifold located on top of the engine. The valve regulates the amount of air entering into your intake manifold. The car will start running poorly when the mixture between fuel and air becomes unbalanced.

7 October 2016

Answers To A Couple Of Questions Regarding Your Car's Transmission


The transmission in your car is a critical component for the vehicle. However, it is an unfortunate reality that you may not have much knowledge or experience with this part of your car. When this is the case, it may be beneficial for you to have a couple of the more basic questions concerning vehicle transmissions answered. How Can You Tell Your Transmission Needs To Be Serviced? There can be numerous warning signs that the transmission in your car is starting to suffer serious problems.

12 August 2016